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Buying your glasses online can be hard, we get it. Let us help you out!

What Do These Numbers Mean?

There are 3 tiny numbers located on most, if not all, glasses. In order, these numbers represent the lens width, bridge width (or DBL: distance between lenses) and temple length of the frame. These numbers are measured in millimeters. The below illustrations show how these are measured.

Diagram showing location of numbers for Lens Width, Bridge Width, Temple Height
Diagram showing how Lens Width, Bridge Width, and Lens Height are measured
Diagram showing how Temple Length is measured

Overall Frame Width

It’s important to understand the overall width of a frame. Although this number is not printed on glasses, we’ve listed the overall frame width on each of our pages. You’ll want to pick a frame that suits your face. Having trouble making a decision? When shopping our products you can filter by narrow, medium, and wide. Really unsure of what frame to choose? Use our contact form to get in touch and one of our stylists can help point you in the right direction.

Diagram showing how frame width is measured

Lens Height

For some reason (unbeknownst to us) lens height measurements are not listed on the frames themselves. Luckily, we’ve listed this number for you on our product pages. This number might be important to you depending on your desired fit. In our experience, an oversized frame can look great, but make sure it doesn’t hit the bottom of your cheekbones.

Diagram showing how Lens Height is measured

Frame Shapes

Frames come in many different shapes. We’ve categorized ours as square, rectangle, oval, geometric and cat-eye. Shop with filters to view your favorites!