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Our Lenses

Our lenses are similar (or better, in the case of our sun lenses) to ones you’d purchase in an optical shop.


Readers (or cheaters, as some people call them) from big-box stores are often made of acrylic, have poor optics, scratch easily and lack anti-reflective coatings. All of our reading glasses (available in plano to +3.50) come standard with optical quality polycarbonate lenses, scratch-resistant coating, glare reducing anti-reflective coating and hydrophobic coating that makes the lens easier to clean. Simply put, our eyewear is built to last a lifetime.



AS&R sun lenses use a patented color boost technology designed to maximize true color. Our lens partner developed this technology using a proprietary generative artificial intelligence (GAI) software that combines lens chemistry with the science behind human color vision. The result is a lens that provides outstanding clarity and color definition.

Our sun lenses are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, have a backside of anti-reflective (AR) coating, smudge-resistant hydrophobic and oleophobic coating and are 100% UV protective. AS&R sun lenses are available in grey or brown depending on the color of the frame.

Blue Light

An optional upgrade, our blue light lenses are an optical quality 1.56 index lens that is lighter and thinner than standard plastic lenses. Available in plano to +3.50, these lenses feature and anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and deflects a portion of violet-blue light. This coating reduces digital eye strain and fatigue often brought on by viewing computer screens, digital devices and working under harsh lighting.

Our blue light lenses have been tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure the lenses do what we say. These aren’t the average “blue blockers”, we offer the real deal!

We don’t believe in cutting corners anywhere, including our lenses. That’s why we offer an optional add-on two year warranty on all of our lenses. Your eyes are important - treat them with kindness and make sure you’re protecting them with a high quality lens.

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