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Our Story

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AS&R was created by a group of experienced eyewear professionals with a common goal to ethically create the highest quality eyewear possible.

We manufacture our frames and cut our lenses all under one roof in Pittsburgh, PA. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive customer service and delivery. Our frames are made of the highest quality materials. When you purchase our products, you’re supporting American manufacturing, ethical production, and a group of (very talented) local artisans.

Created by Opticians
Manufactured in the USA
From Global Components

Our Factory

We are one of only a small handful of companies making frames in the United States (99% of frames sold in the US are imported).

In our factory we make our frames using the finest cellulose acetate from Italy and hinges from Germany. Each and every frame goes through over 40 distinct processes.

Our Optical Lab

What kind of lenses are in your current readers? What about your sunglasses? What percentage of blue light is being filtered when you wear your blue blockers?

Each pair of our lenses are edged in our own optical lab, right across the hall from our factory! We make your glasses as they’re ordered to ensure every detail meets our superior standards.